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Fortune Favors the Brave

Decoding the blueprint for the good life.
Start your own journey to greatness

Ready to live an extraordinary life?

Learn EXACTLY how I made my escape from wage slavery and corporate servitude, and get the insider perspective of someone who's traveled 4 continents for 8 years, watching economics and trends from outside the box. Learn exactly how I:

  • Successfully fought off depression & addiction
  • battled negativity & impostor syndrome
  • finally took responsibility for mastering my life
  • reprogrammed my mindset & manifested amazing success
  • built a business that takes my family around the globe full time

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— Transforming Lives for Over 10 Years —

"When I am 90 years old I will look back on the time where I discovered Thrilling Heroics and I will be able to tell my great-grandkids, 'yes, that is the moment where everything changed.'"

Tim Juliussen

“I read your blog and I quit my job. I should have read the warning on your site!”

Dan Barrett

"I just wanted to thank you for being a guiding light and supportive force in my life… The focus and energy that I get from Thrilling Heroics and from you impacts what I create and how I help others."

Emelina Minero